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Eledyna Technology Corporation was established in 1979. The company commands its own R&D center in Richmond, Canada.

During the past three decades, we have dedicated ourselves on developing and manufacturing products of high quality and

functionality to fulfill every possible demand from our customers. That way we never cease to bring automatic door systems to perfection.

Over the past decades, Eledyna Technology has ranked first place in the local market due to the stability and reliability of its products,

and now we are building our worldwide reputation with the same enthusiasm.

Eledyna Technology is the top ranking automatic door company for superb services and high quality products

empowering better solutions for your projects and buildings.


Superb services| Our multi-national staff members can provide services and supports in many languages.

High quality products | We constantly research and update our products to meet public demands. Our automatic doors

are a pleasure to use: easy, safe and economical too, greatly reducing your air-conditioning costs.

Better solutions | Eledyna GRIZZLY’s automatic doors are the doors of choice for giving customers the very best impression,

our reasonable prices and wonderful quality makes it a perfect choice for the customers.

Based on the concepts of

“Safety, Speed, Strength, Silence and Smoothness”,

every single detail in the manufacturing process is carefully controlled

to guarantee top performance.

Safety | GRIZZLY automatic doors are equipped with various safety functions like our patented SAFE-GLIDE™ system, dedicated sensors for safety opening and closing, connectivity to fire alarms, swing breakout for emergency cases and power system backups as our UPS batter packs.

Speed | GRIZZLY automatic doors operates at the fastest door speed in the world (up to 100cm/sec/leaf), can be considered as one of the best performing automatic doors in the market.

Strenght | We design and manufacture our own drive motors which always provide high efficiency, high torque and low cogging torque in order to maintain stable and smooth operation even in extreme conditions.

Silence | The motors we design operates without noise due to their direct drive speed reducers. Our automatic door systems are equipped with specially designed anti-vibration rails to maintain silence even when operating at high speed.

Smoothness | Our automatic doors’ life cycle is at over 2 million open/close movements, never stopping to work.