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GS45A – Sliding Door – Grizzly Autodoor

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Idle Pulley Unit

The Idle Pulley Unit is designed to adjust the door movement for smooth and optimal operation. By loosening the screws, the idle pulley can be easily moved back and forward to flexibly adjust the tension of tooth belt

Control Panel

The Micro Control Unit ( MCU ) built into the Control Panel provides automatic positioning assuring slow movement when the door closes to a gap of precisely 5cm. The MCU also provides a clamp prevention function which can ensure the safety of pedestrians passing in and out. When the door encounters an object. the door will immediately return to the open position. In case the door sensor is out of order, the door can be pulled open by hand

Hanger Block

The Hanger Block of the Grizzly Automatic Door Systems has three special features, INcluding

  1. Double Bearing Mechanism
  2. Adjustable Carriage Mechanism
  3. Automatic Balance Mechanism

Offering more flexible installation and smoother movement in door operation.

Drive Mechanism

Operated by a high efficiency permanent magnet brush less motor, the drive mechanism provides fast and smooth opening and closing. The gear box with single gear is designed and manufactured under advanced technology to ensure direct power transfer and to reduce the running noise.

The gear box itself, made of medium-carbon steel with heat treatment, is capable of withstanding the hing torque in startup, which provides long durability in operation