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MAX CLEARANCE                            CONTROL PANEL                              PRODUCT TYPE                             GARD_2

Ideal solution for large passageways in apartment blocks and industrial facilities. Passage clearance up to 6.5m.

  • Ideal for private or public car parks.
  • The model for passages up to 2.5m (001G2500) comes in the 230 V AC version, while the models for passages up to 3.75m (001G3750 and 001G3751) and up to 6.5m (001G6500 and 001G6501) are in the 24 V DC version.
  • There is also a version in AISI 304 steel.
  • It can be installed either to the left or right. The mounting procedures are easy and quick.
  • A truly complete range of accessories to customise your installation, which includes a choice of safety accessories for peace of mind during operation.
  • The special joint is for installing CAME barriers even when height is an issue when raising or lowering the boom, as in underground parking lots.


The 230 V electronics

  • only 2 seconds to clear the opening for effective transit management
  • self-learning of the radio code from the transmitter to the receiver
  • possibility of “hold-to-run” command according to what is envisaged in the applicable safety standards


The advantages of 24 V electronics

  • no more power failures. The electronics automatically detects any power failure and activates emergency operation by using backup batteries
  • speed under control. According to requirements, the electronics is able to adjust the speed of manoeuvre
  • intensive use. The low voltage gearmotor ensures ideal operation of the barrier in conditions of intensive use
  • obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit constantly analyses regular operation, either stopping or reversing the movement when coming into contact with any obstacles