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Sliding Door TERAOKA

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Sliding Door TERAOKA

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.                                                             TERAOKA SOV 70 KLCM

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The basic convenience of automatic doors is that they provide people with “smooth passage anytime ” within buildings. At the same time, by keeping the space airtight, automatic doors also play an important role in maintaining the amenities, such as the air conditioning effect of the building and the soundproofing effect that shut out external noise, of those who spend time in that environment



The safety of automatic doors, as they become popularized, has been set  as one of the important themes. At Teraoka, our goal is to develop “friendly automatic doors that anyone can pass through without any worries . “this applies to elderly persons, disabled persons, children and of course general person. we are actively promoting the development of high- performance drive units and sensors


Barrier Free

The idea of creating various social buildings starting with public facilities, so that “anyone can use them without hindrance” is becoming widespread. In keeping with the ” barrier free ” theme Teraoka recommends the use of toilet systems for persons in wheelchairs, rail tight systems that eliminate differences in floor surface levels, and safety glass doors all of which were developed from open- close control technologies for automatic doors


Security and protection

The first step in preventing crimes resulting from building break ins is to shut out suspicious persons at Teraoka we install electric locks on automatic doors, in combination with 10 key switches tv monitors card readers and other devices and propose security systems for office buildings and store doorways and internal living rooms. we also pay attention to protection by developing special fire prevention equipment and earthquake detectors for emergencies such as fires and earthquakes




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